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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Ever since I was a teenager, I longed after a pair of Doc Martins but watching my friends at school painstakingly save up for a pair and then suffer through the pain of wearing them was enough to put me off. 

It wasn't until recently that these combat style boots caught my eye again but I couldn't justify paying over £100 for a pair so I lusted after them from afar. The other day, I was browsing in H&M and I saw on the bottom shelf, right at the back, one of these beauties. I snapped them up and tried them on out of sheer curiosity. I fell in love with them. I stalked up to the till without a second of regret and parted with £24.99 of my hard earned pennies. 

The boots inside have a thick lining and the sole itself is very sturdy. They are so comfortable around the lower calf as well and they give my wide feet a lot of room to breathe. They still fit comfortably with regular socks or even thicker socks for the colder days. Now that we're getting another fluster of snow, these are perfect for larking around in the snow or begrudgingly waiting around for a bus in the cold. They're probably not to everyone's tastes but they are such a staple piece!

An inexpensive price tag of £24.99, you can't say no really!



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