april resolution

Friday, 29 March 2013

I seem to have missed January, February and March. Where did it go? It suddenly seems like we're a fourth of the way through the year in a blink of an eye! But alas, it is time for another monthly resolution!

This month is called 'Art April'! I used to LOVE art at school! Oil pastels were my material of choice and I so miss that creative side of me once I went to university. Inspired by Instagram and amazing illustrators on the blogger-sphere, I decided to take up a little bit of art this month. Although I love oil pastels, I'm going to experiment in a little watercolours this time and I managed to find some very inexpensive watercolours on Amazon and some 'special' paper so I'm all set to go! Now I just need some inspiration of what to paint!

I can't believe I've actually made it this far with my monthly resolutions. I thought I was going to give up by February. Have you been doing monthly resolutions with me too? If you haven't, how are your yearly resolutions going?



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