Sunday Summary #3

Sunday, 20 May 2012

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001. How stunningly beautiful is that picture? I was down by Aberdeen beach this morning supporting BrotherTron running the Baker Hughes 10K! The 10K is a pretty big event in my city and happens every year. Hopefully I'll be brave enough to do it next year but I'll just stick to my 5K's! Speaking of 5K's...I'm going to be signing up to do the Race for Life which I'm really excited about! I never used to be a big runner, but I'm actually enjoying it and running events as I feel they spur me on somehow! 

002. I'm currently sitting here in my conservatory basking in the delightful sunshine that we've had this weekend! Isn't it amazing how the weather can change so quickly? Well, I've lived in Scotland all my life so that I can believe! Hopefully this weather will continue onto next week!

003. This week has just been 7 days of career/future planning! The option of doing a Masters is oh so tempting as there is a course that has caught my eye...but I'm still considering other options as well. Don't know if I can cope graduating 3 times!

004. I've got some exciting posts lined up this week as I happened to make a cheeky wee order on Debenhams and obviously taking full advantage of 10% all beauty items! It's clear I have absolutely no self control!

How has your week been? Has Mr. Sun got his hat on where you are?



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