Skin 79: Super + BB Cream

Friday, 4 May 2012

BB Cream. Everyone knows about it and everyone is using it. With its Western counterpart making its mark on the beauty industry with Garnier taking the first bite of the market, I thought I would revert back to its origins with a BB Cream from the Asian market.

The one I will be reviewing today is Skin 79's Super + BB Cream in the pink bottle. I bought this is Hong Kong last year and I think it's fair to say that I've used it enough times to give an honest review.

On the back of the bottle it says:

'It is 3 effects functional beblesh balm. By Adenosine and Arbutin ingredients which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic skin.
Intercept ultraviolet rays UV A and B at the same time and protect your skin exposed from the sun more thoroughly.
OSMOPUR ingredient of new concept which are mixed sunflower, rice bran, ivy extracts, protect skin from various harmful conditions.'

Now, I'm not going to pretend that I know exactly what everything means but in essence it has 3 functions that have whitening properties, UV protection and 'wrinkle free'. 

One of the things I found striking about it was its pump. Being a hygiene freak, I really like the thought process behind the packaging. It also limits the amount of product that you squeeze out which is also a bonus. One disadvantage of the packaging is that I'm unable to tell how much BB Cream I actually have left (but never fear...I actually bought a back up so I won't be without BB Cream!).

 As you can see from the picture it looks to me like pale and thick foundation and can be quite daunting once it's on your hand. It does also have a VERY slight scent but it's nothing too overpowering.

I apply the BB Cream with my fingers, I feel you can concentrate on more specific areas that way and you can 'feel' how it goes onto your face. A little goes a long way and it really is not advisable to use A LOT because it does have whitening properties in it, you can come across as a ghost once it starts to settle into your skin.

Once blended out, it leaves a grey-ish tone on your skin. But leave it to sink into your skin after application and it will start to settle in.

I'm not going to beat about the bush, I really like this product! I used it all of last summer and on the days where I want a bit more natural coverage but I'm still aware that there is something on my face. If you are someone who really likes a heavy coverage foundation then this really isn't for you. It's a product that is clearly a 'one shade fits all' kind of product which is why it appealed to me more as I felt my asian skin tone wasn't catered to much in the Western foundation department.

With many beauty brands coming out with their own version (Garnier, MUA, No.7, 17 etc.) it's easy to see the market is catering for the Western market with different shades and formulations.

Personally, I haven't tried any of the BB Creams in the Western market as most of them just haven't appealed to me in anyway, but if I'm missing out on anything then leave me a comment with some recommendations!

This retails for about $100HKD but I think you can purchase this on ebay with a reputable seller.

Have you ever used BB Cream before? Which one is your favourite?




  1. Wonderful review lovely, I always hear so many good things about this BB cream! xo

    1. Thanks! It really is as good as everyone says it is :)


  2. This one looks brill, heard a few things about it recently. I wonder if you can use it under a light foundation, like a primer?

    1. Hi! I've personally never tried it under a light foundation or even used any form of a primer with it at all...but it might be worth a try if you're looking for a little extra coverage :)