The Contraceptive Pill // The Real Life Experience

Friday, 14 October 2016

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now but I've been anxious to write down my thoughts and feelings on this topic but I am a strong empowered female speaking out to my empowered readers!

I was on the contraceptive pill for around a year and a half by which time I had changed the type of pill I took twice and ultimately I have stopped taking it. It wasn't a decision I took lightly but I hope this post will help you to decide whether this is something you want to start or if you're thinking about not taking it any more.

Deciding whether the contraceptive pill is for you
There really isn't a wrong or right answer for this question. Some people go on the pill for various reasons; painful periods or birth control. I decided on the contraceptive pill for birth control and I sought advice from my doctor before I embarked on this adventure. As a healthy female, they put me on the most common tablet whereby I take 3 weeks of pills once every day then I didn't take any for a week where I would have a 'period'. Bear in mind, this isn't a real period. Then on the 8th day you start your new pack whether or not you're still bleeding. Pretty simple concept eh?

I found taking the pill every morning took it's toll on me. It became a bit of a ritual every day and I was tired of it. I found myself taking a big sigh beforehand and it became more of an effort each and every day. You might think it's really weird for me to feel this way but it was honestly a burden.

The effects of the contraceptive pill
The first pill I was put on changed my mood entirely. I actually became depressed. Every day was like a heavy dull cloud over my head and I couldn't find any joy left in the world. It was effecting my work and I was crying over every little thing. Printer ran out of paper? Cry. Used a black pen instead of a blue pen? Cry.

I went to see my doctor again and asked if the pill contributed to this and they changed it to another pill which had a different strength of hormone. You could say my mood improved and the cloud lifted slightly but the boy could see it was still affecting me greatly.

This isn't a general overall effect of the pill as there are some women who have taken it for years and years and it hasn't affected them at all but I persevered and continued swallowing that tiny pill every morning.

The decision to come off the pill
Enough was enough and I decided to give my body a break from it. Once my period I ended, I just didn't take any more pills. The boy noticed a difference in my mood and the cloud that was once above my head lifted. I wasn't overly emotional and I don't cry when the printer runs out of paper any more. I spoke with lots of my girl friends and asked them about their experiences with the pill and if they would come off it. I got some positive advice but ultimately it was my decision.

Of course experiences differ from person to person and everyone has different reasons to go on it. Would I go back on it? Probably but then again probably not. The effects of the pill is still lasting as I recently experienced a very bad gall bladder attack which is a build up of cholesterol in the gall bladder linked to taking the pill due to the hormones amongst other things.

I hope this has helped at least one of you lovely readers with your decision whether coming off or going on the pill. Again, this is my personal experience and none of the above could even apply to you :)



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