33. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Aberdeen is a really beautiful city. Against the granite backdrop, you can find amazing nooks like the Marshall College Quadrangle. Me and the boy attended a friend's wedding on Friday and the sun shone upon the happy couple. They decided on a small wedding at the registry office in the city's council building and a reception at a local hotel with their close friends and family. It got me thinking that sometimes a big fancy and expensive wedding isn't always necessary. What matters is the two people getting married and sharing their love with close friends and family. It was also very nice to get dressed up and have a well deserved day off work.

I've been left uninspired with blogging this last week. The transition into Autumn is a fantastic time to snuggle up and get out of the dark mornings and damp weather. Along with that, I have been working flat out and when I'm not working, I'm trying to catch up on sleep and to exercise as much as I can. Blogging and full time working is difficult!

The boy is on a guys' holiday this week so I'm on my own but I have lots of exercise plans and will most likely catch up with friends and family. It's nice to spend time on your own too :)

Can't believe October is coming up already. It seems like time goes by ten times quicker! My favourite month filled with pumpkin carving, cosy nights in and warming stews.



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