31. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 4 September 2016

I have just got back to Aberdeen with my feet up after a lovely trip away to Edinburgh with the boy.

The sun was shining for us today as we bid adieu to one of my favourite cities. It actually makes me want to up-roots and move to Edinburgh. The city is so enriched with history and always bustling with people and cute boutiques. We had an amazing time exploring and shopping on Saturday along with a tasty dinner at Cafe Anadaluz in the city accompanied with some tasty cocktails. The next day we did some more exploring up to the castle and I had a wee snoop in Lululemon and Anthropologie. I wanted everything but my wallet was already crying from the weekend activities so I just looked at all the pretty things longingly.

My month of running is over and now I'm focusing on other fitness goals such as weight training and I'm trying to get back into yoga and pick up a few classes out of the gym or even doing home yoga. Has anyone got any recommendations for yoga videos from Youtube?

We're well on the way into September and I'm really looking forward to Brother Orchid coming back from the US, friend's wedding at the end of September and hopefully some more home improvements on the horizon.



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