Sleeping under the Stars: A Trespass Sleeping Bag Review

Thursday, 11 August 2016

I'm 26 and I have never been on a proper camping trip. I bought the boy a tent for our anniversary and what better way to spend a July weekend than camping under the stars. We researched some camping sites nearby and settled for Hillhead Caravan Park in Kintore, Aberdeenshire. For only £15, we got a pitch to pop our tent up on and a secured park area with toilet/shower facilities - easing myself in to the nature adventure slowly!

Setting our tent up was easy but we didn't realise the tent was only one layer and therefore didn't have an outer layer to keep the rain/water out. More on that later.

I was so excited to use the Trespass Catnap Sleeping Bag* as it was a double sleeping bag! I've never come across one like this before and it looked a lot more comfortable than a single sleeping bag. I had read a camping hack online about zipping two sleeping bags together to make a double one but doesn't that just sound like more effort than it's worth? I had done a trial run of this before setting out on our adventure and found it was really easy to take out and roll back up despite the size.

It fitted perfectly in our two man tent and had zips down both sides so there was no fights over who had the side to stick our leg out of if it got too warm.

The area is very peaceful and we weren't bothered too much by other campers and found them very friendly. We didn't invest in a camping stove this time to make our own food so we packed a flask of tea and a small picnic to keep up going through the night.

It was nice going back to basics, no technology and no social media. Me and the boy talked a lot about life and laughed so much I was worried the other campers would be annoyed by my booming laugh!

Once it was time for lights out, we climbed inside the sleeping bag and it was so soft and feels very duvet like. It was spacious and there was plenty of room for the both us us to sleep comfortably. As it rained heavily on the night and overnight the wind was blowing; the raindrops managed to make its way inside. We huddled under the covers and was kept very dry. The tent was clearly not tested with the Scottish weather in mind and we weren't too impressed with it and vowed to purchase a better quality one for the next adventure. The winner of the trip was definitely the sleeping bag. It kept us both dry and warm and very cosy.

The next morning we were eager to get out of our wet tent and some warm food in our belly so we packed up our tent and headed back into the city. I was so sad to pack away all of our things but I'm sure we'll be camping again very very soon and this bag will be another star player in the adventure.



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