10. The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Hello! They post is going up a little later today as I was just casually running a 10K! Phew! Was a pretty tough one today as I got a bad stitch around the 3/4K mark which made me slow down in an attempt to get rid of it but afterwards I blitzed it. The course was challenging with a mix of country back roads, residential streets and a building site? Medals are stacking up now. Will need to find a new place for them. Not sure if you all would like a post about my running journey and how I started running for all those interested?

This week has been a tiresome week. Hearing about a few redundancies floating around the place at other freight forwarders in the city has put me a bit out of kilter. Lots of restless nights!

I have also moved gyms to one closer to me and by golly it is impressive. New machines and new kit makes me a happy Orchid. I'm looking forward to the different variety of classes and working out with new equipment. Will need to step up with the fitness regime!

That's all from me folks. I hope you all have a brilliant Sunday evening and a lovely week :) Has anyone done anything exciting this week? Tell me about it :)


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