0.9 The Sunday Journal

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Happy Sunday Orchids! The sun has been shining in Aberdeen and I have been filled with such happy vibes this week.

It was Brother Orchid's birthday this week and we went out to eat at a local barbeque eatery. You can read about it on my foodie series here. He's going on his adventures again next month so I gifted him with some currency to spend when he is abroad. Lucky boy!

I hit the gym hard this week - Barcelona in June is looming and I need to get this beach body under control! I did two Les Mills classes back to back and I think I broke myself. My legs were out of order for about 2 days whereby I ran a 5K today and made a mess of them again! That being said, the run was essential, I am running a 10k next Sunday and my running partner in crime is getting fast. Serious fast!

Today was the day of my art exhibit. As some of you dedicated Parisian Orchid readers would have read, I have been doing a short printmaking course at the art school at one of the universities. Today was the day where everyone's art was being exhibited and they are amazing! So proud of my classmates and so astounded by some of the talent from the other courses. I've decided to do another art class this year but having trouble deciding. Ceramics or drawing? This was also on my 30 before 30 challenges. Keep your eye out on the blog for the post...

I hope you have all had a happy week. A Sunday well spent brings a week of content....



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