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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've all had a wonderful day. Back in my blogging hay day, I did a series every Sunday, cleverly called 'Sunday Summary'. I'm bringing this blogging tradition back now dubbed 'Sundazed'.

Working a 9-5 job means I try and do as much as I can during the evenings like going to the gym, spending time with my lovely boy or see friends but this week a lovely thing called a migraine decided to occupy my brain and basically turned me into a painful mess of a human. The boy took care of me so well and I'm back to full health now. Hooray!

The Revenant was so good. Go see it. Someone give Leo an Oscar already!

Me and the boy spent our Saturday evening in Stonehaven, a beautiful coastal town, with some friends and it was so lovely and relaxing. The Chinese food we ordered was utterly delicious. It's a shame it's a 30 minute drive from me :(

Fresh lemon with green tea is my new favourite thing. It's so lovely and refreshing after a meal. Give it a go. Seriously.

I hope you guys and gals are having a splendid Sunday evening and ready for the week ahead!



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