spring outfit ft. paul & joe sister

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Dress | Headband | Bag | Shoes

The weather was looking so hopeful where we were having 2 days in a row of sunshine! Albeit, a bit chilly but still, sunshine nonetheless. I thought that I'd put together a little Spring outfit to get us in that mood.

1. Paul and Joe Sister Dress: Isn't this a beaut? It screams Spring to me and I've always been a lover of all things floral. I didn't know Paul & Joe did clothing (have I been living under a rock?) because I know they are well known for their makeup line but this is just so pretty.

2. Crown & Glory Headband: I probably spend more time than is considered normal on this website. Everything is stunning and so beautiful. I need to place an order soon! This headband would look so lovely with the dress. Some may think floral overload but I think it's sweet.

3. YesWalker Crossbody Bag: You can never go wrong with a simple black crossbody bag. Keeps your hands free for holding that camera, ice cream or that special someone's hand. 

4. Mint Green Converse: I've been a bit fascinated with the colour mint green lately. I was reading someone's blog post (can't remember who, sorry!) and I heard that Converse were bring out some new colours. Mint green!! I basically live in my Converse and Vans because I love comfort more than anything. When I think Spring, I think of spending my days at the park, picnics or having adventures which means, lots of walking! Converse have never let me down and I know they won't for you either!

What do you look forward to when Spring comes around?



P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love sharing things that I find on the internet with you all!


  1. Oh I am SO looking forward to Summer this year, I can finly ditch the cardigans and won't look completely cray wearing bright colours (which I tend to wear in Winter too, eeep).

    I spend an awful lot of time on Crown & Glory's website too lusting over the headbands. We should totes bite the bullet and order a headband already ;)



    1. Same here! My Winter coat is looking so weary now due to over-wear! Need Summer!

      We will! Let's do it!