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Sunday, 7 April 2013

It's not often that I get to go out with the family and do nice things. Because I work shifts, I have to work the odd weekends and really unsocial hours but today (Sunday), we decided to make a day of it. Here are some highlights of the day.

We fired up my brother's Mini and started the day off at Harvester for my YOLO meal of the week. Love me a free salad bar as well! Last minute, we headed into the city where an International Market was being held. It comes every so often and it's been going on for years but recently it's all been food and not much of the traditional market stalls that I used to love. Came so close to buying a new pashmina and some delicious hot chocolate but I held back!

We then went to a garden centre called Dobbies. Long story short, my friend took me here a few days ago and I fell in love with it. It has so many things to buy and see and the restaurant is amazing! I toyed with the idea of buying an orchid (seeing as my blog is Parisian Orchid) or a wee cactus but I wasn't sure how I was going to take care of either so I thought I'd do a bit more research before committing. Orchid or cactus?

I treated the family to a little afternoon tea. My brother had a Croque Norwegian (toastie with ham, cheese and dijon mustard topped with white wine sauce, cheese and smoked salmon), it was definitely another meal in itself! A carrot cake was also ordered but I just sipped on a little mint chocolate milkshake, which I couldn't finish :(

We then went to the beach. I love Aberdeen beach. I live by the coast as well so I have a stunning view of the sea front when I go for my run. We walked along the prom and then played a little bit inside the arcades. We won about 520 tickets so we exchanged them for some of those tacky prizes. I really wanted some 1D push up pencils but I got some crayons for my 'Art April' and my brother got a Family Guy glass. We used the rest of the tickets to get sweeties and we got FIZZ WIZ! Old school popping candy...oh yeh!

Had such an amazing but tiring day. It's times like these I appreciate the days I get to spend with my family.

Cheesy but true.



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