washi tape.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

'What on earth is washi tape?' I hear ya ask! Well, it's essentially masking tape that originated from Japan. But this isn't just ordinary masking tape that you can pick up from your local B&Q...they have a wide array of prints and colours to match your mood or use. They can be used for crafts, scrap booking, book marking, decoration or adding a simple touch to wrapping a present.

If you know me by now, you'll know that I am all about the crafts! I've decided to put a bit more thought into the smaller details of my life, whether it be giving gifts to others, learning new skills or creating something unique. Washi tape come in about a gazillion different patterns and colours so you can understand that it would take me a while to decide which ones I wanted.

I headed over to ebay and found this seller that sold some really pretty patterns. I picked out a blue one with hearts and clouds, an antique-y clock type one and my favourite one of them all...blue with SNOWFLAKES! I'm intending on using this to tape up my Christmas presents this year rather than boring old sellotape. It'll be great for presents too because it is masking tape, it won't rip the wrapping paper so if you're a bit thrifty like me...you can save the pretty wrapping paper to admire for later!

The washi tape is fairly inexpensive and I got them at £1.74 each plus £0.70 P&P from the ebay seller but you can do your own research to find different patterns that you would like.

Have you ever used washi tape before? Do you love being a bit creative, especially around this time of year?




  1. I've come across the words 'washi tape' before and I didn't really understand what it was lol thanks for the explanation! Now I want some >.<

    Do post a pic of the wrapped presents when you're done! (^__^)

    1. I googled washi tape a lot when I first heard about it :D

      You're in luck...I just started wrapping my first present today and took photos so there'll be a post up soon about it!


  2. OMG! I love washi tape, I use it for my filofax to make my notes and appointments look prettier :) My work also sells it in cute patterns so I can never resist ;)


    1. They're so versatile aren't they?! Love 'em!