my shopping experience: jo malone

Friday, 23 November 2012

I don't often comment or note my shopping experience when I'm in a particular store. I'm usually in and out without so much as a hello from me! But I must say, Jo are amazing!

My friend loves Jo Malone so as it was her birthday a few weeks ago, I decided to treat her to a little bespoke something. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to get her but I had heard about the little Christmas cracker gift set that were really popular last year and it was fairly within my price range. I set off on a cold Winter's evening with money in my pocket and a cheeky smile on my face.

I stepped into the bright and warm store and was welcomed by several staff members. I started wandering around a little and was a bit overwhelmed by the choices available but as I was coming to the end of my thought, a sales assistant kindly came over. I asked about the Christmas cracker gift set and she told me that they had already sold out of them. SOLD OUT AT THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER? People be crazy! We had a wee laugh and joke about how quickly it had sold out but she had quickly suggested other alternatives. 

I had settled on getting a single fragrance instead and the sales assistant whipped out a few tester strips and I was in my element smelling the different fragrances. Not once did she rush my decision and she had really good knowledge of the different scents. One even reminded me of my Summer in 2010 and it surprisingly was released in 2010! Oh the irony. I settled on a blackberry and bay scent and it was lovingly wrapped in a gift box and tied in a pretty ribbon. I happily parted with my hard earned cash and they even set up a little fragrance profile thing for me and gave me a small sample of perfume for myself. 

My friend loved her gift and she squealed happily as she untied the ribbon on the box. I had planned on writing this post a few days ago and then today, I received a handwritten note card from Jo Malone (not the actual lady herself!) thanking me for shopping at Jo Malone and that I hope I enjoyed their Aberdeen boutique. It's the small touches that matter and I must say, 5 star service and customer care from them, even after I've stepped out of the store!

Yes, their items are fairly pricey but they make fantastic gifts and their store is so fresh and bright. I won't shy away from these high end boutiques anymore for sure.

Have you ever had an amazing shopping experience before? Whether at Jo Malone or another store?




  1. Oh wow they sounded really friendly! I've never been to a Jo Malone store before. I want to go now! Also LOL people do be crazy - the sets must be good if they sold out that fast!

    Hope you're feeling better now love :oD xxxx

    1. I've always avoided it and my converse don't usually fit in but they were really friendly!

      Yeaaaah...I'm feeling tons better :D


  2. Oh wow, what an amazing shopping experience, the sales assistant sounds super friendly and helpful! I love when they're really clued up on their product range so they can suggest alternatives! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. She was really on the ball and even considered the amount of money that I wanted to spend which was great!