hong kong haulin'

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Oh how I wish I could have visited Hong Kong this year. I love the environment and the atmosphere plus, the shopping there is uh-mazing! MamaOrchid was over in Hong Kong last week and I asked her to pick me up a few things. Although it's not an overly massive haul, it warrants a little post I think.

It's really difficult to get phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S2 here so my mum picked up this cute blue phone case that has an anchor on it. It actually reminded me a little of Jennie from sailboat. My phone is prepared for any of my clumsy tendencies now!

Majolica Majorca's cream pencil eyeliner is actually one of my favourite eyeliners. I needed a full sized pencil because the one I had was a mini sample. I better get using eyeliner because my mum ended up buying me 2. No idea why!

I wanted to try the Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner but my mum wasn't aware which one I wanted so she took a stab in the dark and went for the pencil liner. It's not a big deal, but now I have 3 black pencil eyeliners. I'd be interested to see how this one fares though.

Last but not least, I got some 'My Beauty Diary' face masks which I'm really excited about using. It's a two-step system that also contains a moisturiser. I love sheet masks, they're so much easier to use than regular face masks. That's the lazy girl in me coming out!

I also got some other random goodies like new lunchboxes, sweeties and a big hug from my Mama! I hope that next year I'll be able to take a trip to Hong Kong myself. Fingers crossed!




  1. I wish I could have visited HK this year too. I luv dollywink - their liquid eyeliner is the only one I use since I discovered it!

    Let me know how you get on with the face masks and whether they are worth to try out x

    1. I'll have to contact my Gran and get her to send the liquid version! :D Yes, I'll do a in-depth test of the face masks :)


    2. I did a review on a while ago if you're interested = jennimystyle.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/koji-dolly-wink-by-tsubasa-masuwaka.html

      ok great, I'll keep my eye out for your face masks review :)

  2. Waaaaaahhhhhhhh I am so jealous dude. I would love to try Hong Kong goodies, but I just dont know where to start or where to get them from. Would you mind doing some reviews on the stuff you got? I'm always looking for a blacker eyeliner and a good facemask (^__^)

    The phone cover looks really cute too btw! :D


    1. I'm the same even when I'm there. There's just an abundance of choices I wouldn't know where to start!

      Of course I'll do some reviews for you :)