band rave: kodaline

Monday, 1 October 2012

When I discover an amazing band or singer, I can become quite obsessed to the point where their music will take over my life! I thought it would be great if I 'raved' about a band or a singer once a while and that way, you can discover new music and help share the love!

Today's band is Kodaline. If you follow me on Twitter (@ParisianOrchid), then you'd know that they're my current obsession...I mean, as we speak, their EP is playing on repeat! They are a 4 piece band from Dublin and their song 'All I Want' is poignantly beautiful. Folksy guitars, mind-numbingly amazing lyrics, foot stomping and head swaying music. *sigh* can't explain much more. 

Lyrics laced with break ups, lost loves and painful heartaches, this band is right up my street!

Check them out on FacebookTwitter or YouTube

What bands have you recently discovered?



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