London Purchases

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I didn't really know how to approach doing this type of post and I even considered embedding a YouTube video but I truly believe that I'm not quite ready/prepared to put myself out there on YouTube yet. So this is my best offering to show you what I bought from London.

My criteria for making purchases was simple. I was only allowed to buy things that I can't get back home i.e. it's not readily available. I exercised an amazing amount of self control and my bank balance can weep no longer!
 If you follow me on Twitter (@ParisianOrchid), you will know that I was very overwhelmed in Forever 21. It wasn't what I was expecting and I must admit, the ones in America are better (possibly a very unpopular opinion, but I'll just put that out there!). The only thing I got was this mint green tank top. It's pretty but nothing too spectacular! 

I always love the sales when it's right at the end where it gets discounted even further! I mean, you're going to be sifting through the stuff no-one wants but you can stumble upon an amazing find if you're lucky enough. I got this red top from Urban Outfitters half the normal price. Yayzers!

I then got this green t-shirt from a store called The Sting where there are lots of different brands in the same store. Again, on sale and I think it's quite 'quirky'.
 Whenever I hear the words Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister, I tremble at the thought that I would just look like a sausage bursting out its casing if I wore any of their clothes. I didn't hold much hope out for Gilly Hicks which is the sister brand to the Abercrombie & Fitch but I wanted to have a gander around their store anyway. Yes, I ended up getting two jumper cardigans *hangs head in shame*. In my defence, they are the softest things to ever touch my skin and they feels so much more comfier than the tighter cardigans from the other brands. I live in Scotland, they shall be worn very often!
I was reading Temprary Secretary's blog and she posted about Urban Outfitter's Twinkie nail polish and I knew I needed it in my life. I mean, a nail polish with actual stars in it?! It's times like these that I think I was a magpie in a past life!

Lastly, I went to a Victoria's Secret and I bought some underwear but I really don't think this is an appropriate forum to post about them! But I can show you what my friend bought for me as a belated graduation gift. She let me choose a toiletry item because they were part of a mix and match deal and I chose the Hello Darling Eau De Toilette. I was torn between two different scents but I finally settled on this which is a white nectarine and peony scent. Smells like a flirty summer spent reading books in a park *sigh*.

So this is my 'haul' (urgh, I really dislike that word...kind of like 'moist' *shudders*). I think I was very level headed and bought things that I will actually use which is always a bonus!

What have you been purchasing recently?




  1. I LOVE the camera tee & I'm lusting over the Urban Outfitters twinkle polish majorly, it looks gorgeous! xo

    1. I love it too, can't wait to start wearing it! The polish looks amazing in real life, so shiny :D