photo a day january: week five

Sunday, 3 February 2013

January 27th 2013: A last minute cinema trip with an actual person! Yes, I am slowly getting over my fear of going to the cinema with other people! I went to go and see The Impossible with my friend and it was really good. A really big cry-fest!

January 28th 2013: I went down to Edinburgh for the day to visit my friend. Amazing day with more food than my belly can handle! I've already booked my ticket back down for a small visit with possible exciting adventures!

January 29th 2013: If you've ever had a Ben's Cookie in London, they are quite possibly the best thickest, doughiest cookies ever! I decided to try and recreate them and they are so yummy! Made with Green and Black's finest cocoa powder, they are the ultimate delicious cookie!

January 30th 2013: It was my last rest day before I go back to work so I kicked back, relaxed and watched back to back episodes of The Great Comic Relief Bake Off! It's actually sooooooo funny! But does anyone else find Jo Brand utterly irritating?

January 31st 2013: BYE BYE JANUARY! It's been the absolute longest month ever but I'm so glad to have completed my first month's resolution. With a tired look on my face and a thumping headache whilst I type this, I'm really looking forward to February because now it's only 16 days until my birthday! 




  1. those cookies look delicious Vanessa! I went to London and I didn't come across Bens Cookie? I'm sad now I feel like I've missed out on something lol. Mind sharing the recipe with us in blogpost form? :P OOOH BIRTHDAY! *notes it in her diary* how old are you going to be? ^^

    Also your handwriting is as cute as you! :D Haha xx

    1. Waaaaaaaat?! You never came across a Ben's Cookie? That's it, I'm gonna post this recipe because everyone needs to try it! :D

      *cries* 23 years old! Help me!!!!!


    2. no, never! And LOL aww Vanessa. you're only going to be two years older than me! YER MAKIN ME FEEL OLD TOO NOW >.> hahaha