My return to blogging?

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Shoreline of Loch Ness

Okay, let's be completely honest here, I haven't been blogging for a very long time and it was intentional. My last post was at the end of October last year and I find myself constantly thinking about coming back to it. I stopped writing because I was looking at the blogging world and I didn't know where my small space on the interweb fit in (or even if it did!) I didn't have a flashy MacBook, I don't eat avocado on toast every weekend and I have a full time job which I put my all in to. I didn't fit the cookie cutter expression of a blogger. So I stopped. I focused on my job, spending time with the best people I know and generally not putting pressure on myself to schedule the perfect post or to go out and do things to blog about so I seemed more interesting. Rather I relaxed at the weekend and slobbed out in front of Netflix or baking.

I've come to the realisation since last year that I missed putting my words out there into the world. Even if no-one is reading them or even caring about what I was writing. I cared. And that's all that matters right? In a social media obsessed world where buying the latest Disney Primark item is hot topic; I hope I can bring a bit of fresh air and calm. I still don't have a flashy MacBook and I still don't eat avocado on toast but I might write about something interesting every now and then.

So I invite you round for a cup of tea and a slice of cake - sink down into the warm and inviting sofa and welcome back. How have you been?



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