Living On Your Own

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A lot of people say that once they move out of their parent's home and had a taste of freedom, they wouldn't move back in. Here's a secret....I would.

You may or may not know but I recently bought my own flat. It's been an aim of mine since I was around 17 and since then I had been scrimping and saving to be able to afford a space of my own. I was so happy when I found a great place within 10 minutes walking distance to my work (and 2 minutes driving). I've been in my new place around 4 months now and I've really enjoyed making the place my own.

Sure it's been lonely sometimes when I'm pottering about on my own but for the best part I am enjoying the freedom of being able to go to the gym whenever I want, cook the meals I want to eat and to make the place comfortable to live in.

Living in a flat/apartment block has its downside. I can hear music playing quite loudly into the evenings and for about a month, I could hear my neighbour snoring. I dubbed him 'the grizzly bear upstairs'.To me, I've gotten used to it but I can understand how others would not and it's difficult holding them back when they want to storm upstairs.

I'm still learning how to do things on my own but I've survived so far. There are still boxes hidden away in the corner and half my things are still at my previous home but I'm looking forward to this journey and discovering more about myself.

Have you got any tips on living on your own?



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